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Other Amateur Astronomer's Websites is owned by the wonderful astrophotographer, Stephen Roffo.  I met Steve at the Mason-Dixon Star Party in July, 2007.  Steve captures amazing views of DSO's from his home in PHILADELPHIA.  Hard to get much more light polluted than that, but his images from Philly rival the best images others have captured from the best dark sky locations.  Steve has shown great patience and encouragement with me. He has literally sat down beside me (and waited while I wrote down my notes), showing me how to process my images so that I can take an initial raw and murky photo and bring out all the splendor and beauty of the image on my own. is Jerry Lodriguss's website.  Jerry is a professional photographer, astrophotographer, and author. and all around nice guy.  His two CD books, Catching the Light and A Guide to Astrophotography with Digital SLR Cameras have been a great help in learning how to process astrophotographs using Photoshop. He is a member of the ISS 5 (6 if we count our finder, Drew), an active member of WAS, and a general source of inspiration for me.  Another amateur astrophotographer from WAS.