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I am a middle school computer teacher, kayak instructor and computer programer. I created my first education based websites called With the push for Student Growth Objectives by New Jersey, (NJ Achieve) and other state departments of edcuation created a new web based application to help teachers with the data analysis of their SGO calculations at
I have always had a lifelong interest in astronomy. Twelve years ago, I built my first "real" telescope, a 10" dobsonian, which I used with some limited success.  Last year, I purchased an 8" Meade Schmidt-Casseigrain computerized telescope as a 45th birthday present for myself, and then got hit with the astrophotography bug.
I teach computer technology for a south Jersey middle school and run the astronomy club in the school.  I am also going back to school for the first time in over 8 years for a nutrition degree.  When I finish the program, I will be a Registered Dietician and have a Masters in Nutrition, meaning I can work in a nursing home, hospital, etc. but my goals are to be a personal nutritional consultant and teach at the college level.
I have a wonderful 17 YO daughter, Perri, who shared my interest in astronomy up until the age of about 8. Now, with some coercion, she is willing to look at my newest images.  Perri is this bright spot in my life and being a good father to her has in turn made me a better, happier person.


At my niece's wedding
Summer of 2007 Not my best picture, but I was ecstatic...
I just captured my first ISS Solar Transit...