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FOV Program for Imaging

While looking at the beautiful images produced by friends from my local club and on the internet, I noticed that the positioning within the FOV is almost as important as the image itself.   For very faint objects, this becomes an even more difficult task.

Using my programming skills, I wrote a little program that will display a transparent box on your computer screen.  It will always stay on top of your planetarium and capturing software, AND you can actually click through it as if it was not there.

Best method of use (I think)

1) Load the FOV Program for Imaging, bring up your capturing software, and resize the FOV Program to match the FOV of your camera. (You can record the height and width if you like)

2) Bring up your planetarium program and adjust the "zoom" so the stars within the box pretty much match up with the stars in the image (again, you can record the FOV of your planetarium program for future reference)

3) Adjust the starfield of your planetarium program and the FOV Program so the the image you want to capture is framed nicely.

4) Notice the position of your brightest stars with the FOV Program, and adjust the position of your telescope to match.

 Please let me now if you find this program useful.


ImageFOV.exe (zipped version)